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UK residential property represents significant investor potential






In the latest Experience Invest blog post, we report on the news that new figures have highlighted a considerable uptick in the value of the UK’s housing stock during recent months and years, showcasing the considerable scope for investor gains that the country continues to provide.

Data analysed by UK estate agent Savills and reported by the Financial Times has revealed the overall value of UK housing has risen by more than one-third during the last decade, and now stands in excess of £7.14 trillion.

Last year was the first time since records began that total housing value in the UK breached the £7 trillion mark. It also means that, for the first time ever, the combined value of property within the nation’s residential housing sector is now ten times that of the government’s total income.

These are certainly some impressive statistics and highlight the fact that significant gains continue to be witnessed for investors in UK residential property.

Across the nation, Savills’ data showed that London has led the way in terms of major value increases during recent years, but that said, significant rises have been witnessed in other areas of the UK, most notably in the north-west of England, Scotland and both the West and East Midlands.

Despite a slow start to the last ten years – as the impact of the global economic downturn saw UK housing values fall between 2008 and 2012 – from 2013 onwards the UK has registered six consecutive years of strong value growth, with 80 per cent of the total value increase coming from existing housing stock.

Furthermore, Savills predicts this is a trend that is unlikely to end anytime soon. A combination of factors, including ongoing constraint in the supply of new homes in many parts of the country and improving economic prospects for the nation as a whole, will serve to bolster home values further in the years ahead.

Overall, the positive nature of the research means there remain considerable opportunities for outstanding capital returns for investors in UK housing. While the coming five years are now expected to see less of an upward push in values, largely due to uncertainties over Brexit, it is nevertheless a great time for investors to be moving into the UK market.

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