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Experience Invest Review: New Challenges for Buy-to-Let Landlords





Experience Invest Review how you can safeguard your buy-to-let portfolio in light of changes to the UK’s residential property market.

2017 has presented new challenges for buy-to-let landlords and with Brexit and the current economic climate under discussion, the future of the market place has been under discussion.

Unlike other videos about the challenges buy-to-let landlords are facing, this Experience Invest Review outlines ways you can safeguard your property portfolio.

Watch this Experience Invest Review for a quick and easy guide to property in the UK today.

Experience Invest Review


Don’t believe the hype

Brexit is not the doom and gloom scenario the newspapers will have you believe. In fact, a report from Investec shows that people from overseas are still buying UK property despite the current economic uncertainty.Jerald Solis, Business Development and Acquisitions Director, Experience Invest said, “Brexit has not been the negative story everybody will have you believe. There are certainly, from the property market’s perspective, a lot of positives. Certainly, with regards to the initial impact, there was a dip but in terms of the currency fluctuations, the devalued pound has actually made UK property more appealing to overseas investors.

Demand vs supply

Despite the government’s promise to build over 200,000 new homes per year, there is a huge undersupply of property in the UK which has underpinned the UK’s buy-to-let market for many years.Land Registry has reported than the average price of UK property was up 4.1% year-on-year in March 2017. As house prices continue to rise, many renters have been priced out of homeownership. A high demand for good quality rental homes has helped to keep the UK’s buy-to-let market buoyant.

“Property investment has been a really good investment for many years now in the UK and on the basis that demand looks like it is exceeding supply for some time. There is every reason to think that will continue,” Ray Boulger, Independent Mortgage Expert, John Charcol, commented.

Property market will fluctuate under varied market conditions however, it’s resilience is what continues to appeal to property investors.

“Certainly, the property sector will undergo changes throughout different market conditions. Some of the most favoured ones which we [Experience Invest] carry on our inventory will be student accommodation, buy-to-let residential and care homes. All of these are what we regard as stable and predominately, the only way to ensure stability, is to make sure that you have bought in the right area and that you have done your due diligence,” Mr Solis added.

Seek professional help

First time investors and established landlords should consider how changes will affect their property returns.

“The new tax changes that have taken affect will inevitably effect landlords. It may push them into a higher income bracket so, from their own personal tax perspective, it may cost them more.

“I think landlords are increasingly having to comply to more and more legislation. They are being hit with higher taxes, both the three per cent Stamp Duty surcharge and the higher income taxes… before getting into the landlord game, landlords need to fully understand what the obligations are,” Mr Boulger stated.

“I can’t stress it enough how important it is to seek professional advice. Going to a consultancy like Experience Invest would certainly put you in good stead. I think that you need to understand your motivations behind your purchase, you need to have done your homework on the actual type of property you want to invest in and you need to ask as many questions as possible, and make sure that you have done your sums,” Mr Soils explained.

We hope you have enjoyed the first Experience Invest Review. Please continue to check our site for the latest UK property news, features, guides and expert insights.