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[Infographic] Income Generating Assets





The latest infographic from Experience Invest looks at how income generating assets like Apart Hotels can provide passive rental returns.


Apart Hotel

Income Generating Assets

The term income generating assets covers a wide selection of property assets including Apart Hotels, Residential Buy-to-Let Property, Student Accommodation, Care Homes and more.

The term essentially means that investors are able to generate an income from an asset and they can range from short-term to long-term periods of time.

Experience Invest has designed income generating assets for UK and overseas investors to allow for strong returns, whilst maintaining full control over capital.

Investing in an Apart Hotel

Apart Hotels have been named by Savills as the UK’s fastest growing hospitality sector.

Unlike other asset classes, Apart Hotels can provide investors with multiple income streams.

For example, Experience Invest’s latest opportunity TIMES Apart Hotel, can be rented as a whole and also individual rooms.

One bedroom apartments can generate multiple income streams as the apartment itself can be locked up as two suites (with guest staying in the living area).

Two bedroom apartments can provide three income streams by locking off into three suites. This model is perfect for the hotel’s clientele which includes wedding parties, families and larger groups of individuals.

An Apart Hotel provide investors with an innovative investment that generates returns almost unrivalled in today’s UK property market. Investors are rewarded with a share of the annualised revenue from the individually purchased suite.

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