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Could these passive income ideas earn you money?





Welcome back to the Experience Invest blog where we discuss what has been going on in the UK’s property market. Today we will be looking at passive income ideas.

What is a ‘passive income’?

A true passive income means no regular work, just a regular income.

This means that instead of working a 9 until 5 job every Monday to Friday, a person could receive an income without leaving their home.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? However, it is achievable.

Many people aspire to generate a passive income so they can walk down the desirable path of financial freedom.

For our latest blog post, the Experience Invest team has been thinking about other passive income ideas.

From mobile apps to vending machines, from selling items on eBay to selling stock photos, we have come up with a range of passive income ideas.

However, if setting up an online business or becoming an affiliate marketing machine isn’t quite what you are looking for, you may be happy to hear that there is still money to be made from the UK’s property market.

Check out our inforgraphic for some passive income ideas (feel free to share it if you like it)…

Passive income ideas from Experience Inves

Can you generate a passive income from property?

With the recent Stamp Duty Tax changes on second properties and buy-to-let investment now in place, landlords and investors may have had to consider the performance of their property portfolio.

As purpose-built student property is exempt from the new stamp duty levy, many investors have looked towards this market to boost their income.

Download our new Q2 2016 Student Accommodation Investment Guide to find out more information about how you can generate a passive income from property.

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