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House Prices

Property Prices in the UK to Grow by an Average of 17% in the Next Five Years





Welcome back to the Experience Invest, where we discuss the latest trends in residential property, student accommodation and care home investments. Today’s blog focuses on some new research that predicts UK property prices will grow by an average of 17% in the next five years.

The research, which has been compiled by Savills – the international real estate agents, suggests that economic recovery in the UK housing market will vary geographically. The figures are based on interest rate rises, regional economic growth, and mortgage regulations.

Five year forecast

Savills’ report forecasts that by the end of 2020, we will see prices rise by varying degrees, depending on location. On average, however, we can expect a 17% increase in the cost of a homes across the country.

The firm believes property prices in the South East will rise the most, and predicts growth of 21.6%. In comparison, prices in the North East will rise by only 12%. The figures are reliant on mortgage rates not exceeding 4.5%.

Dependent on interest rate rises

Lucian Cook, Head of Savills Research says growth will be largely dependent on the speed that interest rates rise.

“If rates rise too quickly mainstream house price growth will be quickly curtailed. On the flipside, if rates remain low for too long, there is a risk that prices will rise too far, creating affordability issues further down the line when they do eventually rise,’ explains Cook.

Growth will vary geographically

Mortgage regulations mean the amount people can borrow is relative to their income, which Cook believes will ‘cap price rises’, especially in London. Growth in London is likely to be in the region of 15%. If this is the case, we’ll see London underperforming compared to the overall UK market. Interestingly it seems we’re likely to see more growth in ‘outer London boroughs’ compared to central London.

Growth in the North will be determined by regional wealth generation, and whether the housing market in cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, and surrounding regions, become revitalised.

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