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Houses making more than the average monthly wage





The team at Experience Invest are always keen to keep up with the latest news around UK residential property. This week we spotted that the Halifax had revealed that house prices were rising on a monthly basis by more than the average monthly wage.

Experience Invest have been in business for over 10 years and we recently celebrated our anniversary which you can read about on Yahoo Finance, we’ve seen house prices rise and fall over the last 10 years, but as the Halifax revealed the property price to earnings ratio is now at seven and a half year high of 5.34.

How much did your property make in August 2015?

The average monthly wage in the UK is now £1,695. In August 2015 the average house price rose by £5,791 which is more than 3 times what the average home owner earned!

According to Martin Ellis who is a housing economist for the Halifax: “The underlying pace of house price growth is strong. The shortage of second hand properties for sale on the market is resulting in upward pressure on house prices.

“At the same time, economic recovery, real earnings growth and very low mortgage rates are supporting housing demand.

“Strengthening demand and highly constrained supply are likely to mean that house price growth continues to be robust in the short-term.”

Economic recovery

There is certainly undersupply in the current market, but the strong economic recovery is helping to make investing in residential housing stock a must have for those investors looking for a strong rental yield as well as capital growth.

Experience Invest are happy to provide advice and support when entering the residential property investment market. Part of our service is offering advice about how to secure a residential investment at the correct price. The buying price is vital in making sure that you secure the right investment for your own individual circumstances. Many of the properties that we offer have an assured rental period and buyback options in place if this suits your circumstances.

Experience Invest

Experience Invest have been trading since 2004 and we’ve worked with all types of investors from first timers to high-NET-worth individuals and corporate clients. As market leaders in UK residential investments we’ve featured in The Telegraph newspaper and on Yahoo Finance. We specialise in high demand, high yield property investments. For more information, or to discuss your own investments needs please contact Experience Invest.