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Experience Invest

Experience Invest feature on Yahoo Finance





The team at Experience Invest have been celebrating over ten years in business this week and you can read all about our success on Yahoo Finance.

Our feature on Yahoo Finance isn’t the first time we’ve been in the press recently, The Telegraph newspaper also covered Experience Invest in the past few weeks, when it interviewed two of our experts on the subject of property investment.

Our reputation as leaders in student accommodation and care home investment has helped establish the team at Experience Invest as the go-to people on property investment matters. A lot of people approach us to ask about the two asset classes, and in this blogpost we’ll explain the benefits of investing in both student accommodation and care homes.

Student accommodation investment

Returns on student accommodation investment are attracting interest from all sectors of the property investment market. The reason for this is the healthy returns being generated from this asset class. Student property is out performing most property investments, high occupancy, and massive demand are attracting those looking for healthy profits.

Peace of mind is also a good reason to look at student accommodation investment. All forecasts reveal growth in this market, and here at Experience Invest many of the student accommodation deals that we’re looking at have assured returns for a set time period.

If you’re interested in investing in student accommodation with assured returns we have two excellent projects at London Spring Place, Luton and at Queensland Place, Liverpool.

Care home investments

The UK has an aging population and demand for care home places and properties is only set to grow over the long term. Experience Invest are leading the market in care home investment projects many of which feature index linked returns. With higher than average yields this investment class is only set to grow in popularity over the longer term.

A lack of hassle and headaches also marks this market out as a winner. A specialist care operator will manage your unit and provide specialist care. This means your investment is low maintenance and generates decent income with little effort.

We have two properties at the moment which provide assured returns for 10 years, these are Royal Oak Court, Liverpool and Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

Experience Invest

Experience Invest have been trading since 2004 and we’ve worked with all types of investors from first timers to high-NET-worth individuals and corporate clients. As market leaders in UK residential investments we’ve featured in The Telegraph newspaper and on Yahoo Finance. We specialise in high demand, high yield property investments. For more information, or to discuss your own investments needs please contact Experience Invest.