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Chinese investors looking to put more money into the London property market





Experience Invest are always on top of the latest property investment news, this week we spotted a story in Property Wire about wealthy Chinese investors looking to put more money into the London property market.

We often advise foreign investors on the best opportunities available in the UK markets; these can include care home investments and student property investment. However, as the article explained many of these Chinese investors are looking at putting between £2 to £50 million pounds into central London investments.

Changes in China

There are a huge amount of changes going on within the mainland Chinese money markets, one of the changes impacting our market as result of this is the change in law to the amount of money which can be moved out of China. This change, due to be implemented soon, is impacting the Chinese economy. And along with some turmoil in the Chinese stock exchange, many Chinese investors are looking to get money out of China and into the UK as quickly as possible.

Simon Barry, of Harrods Estates has been quoted on this subject. He said: “There is a huge amount of wealth in China and although we have started to see investment in London property in the last five years, the focus has been on off plan new build developments ranging from £500,000 to £5 million.

“This is just the beginning of a vast amount of wealth from China and we expect this will increase dramatically over the coming years, when Chinese billionaires will look to spend anything from £5 million to £50 million.

“Over the past two decades, wealth generated by China’s rate of economic expansion has flowed into Hong Kong and Singapore through corporate investment, much of which has fuelled the demand for London property.

“We expect to see more high level Chinese executives finding time to travel to London and other international centres, seeking out new markets and new opportunities outside of China,” concluded Barry.

Slowing Economy

China’s woes include a slowing economy and a stock market which lost 30% in value recently over a three week period. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Chinese investors are looking at the property market in the UK as a safe haven for the long term.

If you’re a Chinese investor looking for the right advice we’d recommend that you contact the friendly team at Experience Invest. We can help guide you through the range of investments available in the UK property market, while at the same time, offering advice tailored to your own personal circumstances.

Experience Invest

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