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Since 1996 buy-to-let landlords have earned returns up to 1,400%





There was talk of buy-to-let landlords hitting the investment jackpot when a new figures were released recently that showed buy-to-let property has out-performed nearly every other type of investment since 1996, with some property owners seeing returns of up to 1,400%.

On average every £1,000 invested in buy-to-let back in 1996 is now worth above £14,000. These figures come from economists at the Wriglesworth Consultancy and the team at Experience Invest can only agree with the findings.

Seven times the return on cash

Buy-to-let property investors have seen money invested in property return seven times more than cash invested in the bank. It’s no wonder that savvy investors are looking at the returns on property above any other investment class.

The figures show that buy-to-let has not only provided very strong returns for average investors since 1996, but it has also allowed a group of organised and ambitious investors to become very wealthy.

Taking advice

Becoming a buy-to-let investor isn’t as easy as some people think and we’d always advise that some expert advice is taken before investing in bricks and mortar stock. Speaking to property experts like Experience Invest is the best way to make sure you’re getting the best advice.

Investing in property takes more effort than simply putting money into a high interest account, there is research to be carried out as well the ability to keep a careful eye on the current market conditions.

Mainstream investment

Buy-to-let became a popular investment in 1996 when the Association of Residential Letting Agents and a group of mortgage lenders launched of the buy-to-let initiative. People looking at the market now may wonder what has changed since 1996 and what the new opportunities in property are.

Here at Experience Invest we believe that new opportunities lay in products like student accommodation and care home investments which we expect to make similar high returns over the long term.

Experience Invest

Experience Invest have been trading since 2004 and we’ve worked with all types of investors from first timers to high-NET-worth individuals and corporate clients. As market leaders in UK residential investments, we specialise in high demand, high yield property investments. For more information, or to discuss your own investments needs please contact Experience Invest.